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AKC Grand Champion Minikota's Medicine Man

"Best Of Breed" at his first shows...Savannah, GA

Breeder:  Lori Schaunaman


*Mannaz* is the conventional name of the m-rune of the Elder Futhark. It is derived from the reconstructed Common Germanic word for "Man".

Mannaz is the fourth rune of the third aett. Pronounced:  "Mawn-nawz"

This is the Rune symbol above for Mannaz.

Judge:  Mrs. Beverly Capstick awarded Mannaz "Best Of Breed" in Perry, GA with Frank by his side.

Mannaz was awarded Best Of Breed each day of the Perry Show Cluster.

Agent:  Frank Murphy

Above: Mannaz Standing with Frank, as Mrs. Capstick's choice for her Group Three Placement in Perry, GA

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